Welcome to 
Duke Blockchain Lab

DBL is the best way to get involved in blockchain and crypto at Duke. Join our fund, take our classes, and find jobs/internships through the DBL network.

Sundays, 6:00 PM EST in Wilkinson 132

Our programs:

DBL x Harmony One Programming Course (9/4/21 - 10/2/21)

DBL is teaching a course on programming on the Ethereum blockchain. OUR GUARANTEE: Learn enough to start your own blockchain project, or join other projects with students in the class.

Primary contact: daniel.chong@duke.edu

Blockchain Fund (Anticipated Spring 2022)

We're selling NFTs and tokens to help fund a blockchain fund. Turn your crypto investments into moonshots, and gain investment experience relevant to real-life funds.

Primary contact: sujay.alluri@duke.edu

Blockchain and DeFi House Course(Spring 2022)

This class is an introduction to blockchain technology and its applications.  Students will learn about innovative new applications of both public and private blockchains in industries such as music, finance, insurance, healthcare, and more. The course will culminate in a final project in which students come up with their own venture utilizing blockchain technology. Register on DukeHub!


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