We are a multi-disciplinary group involved in education, research as well as supporting entrepreneurial action at Duke. Our members have taught courses at Duke, assisted globally acclaimed research projects and also acted as technical assistants  for the Fuqua School of Business.

House Course

This 14-week course taught at Duke covers some of the most important topics in the space for a class of about 20 undergraduates. Class Lead - Manmit Singh. Co-Instructors - Giovanni Vignone, Ibrahim Yusufali

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Research Work

Duke Blockchain members work with some of the pioneering academics in the space to come up with cutting edge insights into what the future of the Blockchain industry will look like. Project Lead - Yinhong "William Zhao

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Crypto Fund

Our most ambitious project yet - starting a crypto fund at Duke. We envision this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for several Duke students to see how real-life risk capital decisions are made and get first hand experience advising the fund themselves. Project Leads - Sujay Alluri, Giovani Vignone, Catherine McMillan. 

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Technical Support @ Fuqua

We provide much needed technical expertise to the various educational initiatives at the Fuqua School of Business. This includes arranging software demonstrations for MBA classes and assisting our Fuqua faculty sponsor - Dr Cam Harvey. Moreover, we maintain a mining set up in the school's basement.  


Podcast with Blockchain Pioneers

Come listen to the most prolific builders in DeFi talk about their journey and vision of the future. Past guests have included Jason Shah of Alchemy and our very own Joey Santoro !!

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